Design a Restaurant for Comfort & Efficiency

No matter what type, size, or location- every restaurant has a basic layout that includes some general areas including an entrance, the kitchen, and restrooms. However, these areas are often overlooked in the general design of a restaurant, when new owners tend to focus on the dining room or bar. Paying attention to the small details of a new restaurant will help produce a positive customer experience and build business right from day one.

The Restaurant Entrance

The entrance area to a new restaurant can be as important as the inside when it comes to gaining new customers. Depending on your theme, you can use signs, music, lighting, awnings, and flowers to make an attractive restaurant entrance. While the dining room, bar, and kitchen are important parts of a new restaurant design, don’t forget the outside/ entry area. After all, it is the first area that customers see. Signage, lighting, seating, and decorations are just a few areas to consider when opening a new restaurant.

The Waiting Area

Not all restaurants have the space to designate as a waiting area. Those do have space may opt to keep it separate, while others incorporate it into a bar area. Along with benches or chairs for customers to wait comfortably, your waiting area should also have some menus nearby for customers to peruse as they wait. This is also a good place to display a bulletin board of other events at your restaurant (wine tastings, weekly specials, happy hour, etc.).

The Bar

If you plan to have a full-service bar in your restaurant- one that customers can sit at for drinks and a meal- it should be as welcoming as your dining room. It should also be functional for the restaurant since it is where servers ordering and pick up drinks for their tables.

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