Restaurants Can Now Legally Deliver Beer & Wine

On September 1, 2019, some Texas restaurants and stores will have the ability to deliver alcohol (with food). Retailers that have beer and wine permits will be able to deliver to their customers homes or other off-premise locations.

The TRA (Texas Restaurant Association) supported the bill which required all alcohol deliveries must be with food. Retailers that have a mixed beverage permit are awaiting news about SB 1450, which is a similar bill referencing the delivery of drinks that are mixed and prepackaged.

Key Rules

Under the bill, only people 21 or older can deliver food orders with alcoholic beverages. Recipients also have to be 21 or older, and must present valid ID and sign receipts upon accepting the delivery.

In addition, the beverages must be “delivered sealed in an original, single-serving container” under the bill, which means the mixed drinks have to be factory produced and bottled or canned.

In Conclusion

For Texas retailers, this new bill could be pivotal for growth. The potential for improvement of a restaurant or store’s income can be extremely beneficial.

The long-term effects on Texas businesses and citizens remains to be seen. The ability to cap off the night with a meal and drink delivered right to your door, is now a reality.

Learn more about the new bill here.

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