Three Tips for Lent Season

Lent season starts February 26, 2020 and restaurants can expect a greater demand for seafood. The six-week period leading up to Easter, is a great time to feature seafood on your menu and give your customer variety.

While outcomes may vary, the impact on restaurants appears to have both immediate and long-term. Here are three tips that can help you prepare for Lent season.

1) Order

Get in touch with you distributor and check the price of fish, shrimp and pre-packaged seafood seasoning. Decide the products that compliment your restaurant, and order.

2) Prepare

Next, develop a menu that customers observing Lent can enjoy. Decide if you want to serve your seafood dishes grilled, fried or both. After solidifying your menu, it’s time to train your staff on preparing and cooking the dishes.

3) Engage

Lastly, email your customer base and post about your seafood menu items on social media. Be sure to come up with a clever name to promote and build customer interest.

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