Can I turn off my online ordering?

THL Eats Online Ordering Support

Temporary closing

There are several simple ways for a restaurant to become unavailable for online ordering.

Change the opening hours to being all the time closed until the restaurant resumes normal operations. This may be done for pickup, delivery or table reservation.

The system doesn’t allow to select a certain date, it only lists the days of the week for the regular schedule. So use this for short absence (less than a week).

Or just set Pickup on “No”,  Delivery on “Inactive” and Table Reservations to “No” in the “Services and opening hours” section, then click on the “Next” button to save the settings. Don’t worry, the delivery zones created already will be available when the service is enabled again.

Optionally you could add a menu category called “Temporarily Closed!” and add one “dish” text with the reason for closing and with 0 price as first thing on the menu. You may also hide or schedule all the other categories to appear after you open again the restaurant.

When normal operations return, delete or hide the “Temporarily Closed!” category and set back normal opening hours and/or activate the pick-up/delivery services.

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