How can I print restaurant receipts for my orders?

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Printing orders with the THL Eats app

Our order taking app can be connected to multiple Epson and Star thermal printers.

Thermal printers are widely used in restaurants. They are robust, fast, require no toner change and paper costs are close to nothing. Epson and Star are leading manufacturers in this segment.

The app supports three types of printer connection:

  • LAN (Ethernet) – the thermal printer is connected by network cable to a WiFi router and accesses the same WiFi network as the order taking device does;
  • WLAN (WiFi) – the thermal printer connects wirelessly to the same WiFi network that’s used by the order taking device;
  • Bluetooth – the thermal printer connects directly to the order taking device via Bluetooth.

To add a printer, open the order taking app and select Thermal printer from the menu. The app will guide you through adding a LAN, WiFi or Bluetooth printer.

Once your printer has been added, you will have the ability to print an order from its detail page in the app.

  • When adding a LAN / WiFi printer, double check that the printer and your order taking device are connected to the same network.
  • When adding a Bluetooth printer, first pair the printer with the device and then add the printer in the app.

Furthermore, you can login to the THL Eats Dashboard and decide exactly what to be printed on each printer: which template, number of copies and language. For text-only printers you will be limited to the text-only receipt template. Though for printers that support image printing, you can create custom restaurant receipts and assign them as needed per printers.

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