Is it possible to create a category within another menu category?

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Creating sub-categories

For example, your restaurant serves both Chinese and Indian dishes in the same menu. You have the same categories (e.g.: starters, desserts, salads etc), but you have to use them 2 times, once for Chinese dishes, once for Indian dishes.
Our suggestion is that you create and name your categories as: Indian starters, Chinese starters, Indian desserts, Chinese desserts and so on.

The idea of our product design is to make menus very simple because customers get confused by complicated menus and that’s never good for online sales.

If you have other logistical/marketing reasons for which you should have a clear separation of menus, then it is better to sign-up with two restaurant accounts and take orders on two different mobile devices (e.g. there are two different chicken-based meals cooked by two different chefs in two different locations and people should not be able to cross-order one item from the Chinese menu and one item from the Indian menu).

If your plan is to provide a one-click ordering cart with thousands of food items, then using the THL Eats platform is not the right thing for your online sales. Please consider investing in a food portal with top choices, quick search, promo items, most popular, ratings, reviews and similar features.

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