Is there a special URL for promotions?

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Promotion URLs

Yes, for promotions that are hidden from the menu, and only available if a coupon code is inserted, you may use a link (that is sent to the food clients via some other channel, such as email or SMS). Here is how to create a link:

1) Create the promotion in the THL Eats Dashboard, hide it from the menu, create a custom coupon code, and make sure the promotion is enabled.

2) Open the website where the menu is published. Open the menu, click on the link at the top of the page and copy the full link. For instance, open, and copy the menu link.

3)At the end of the link, add &coupon= and then the actual coupon code you set for the promotion.

A link may look like this:

The promotion will be visible then in the menu and the customer can use it (presuming it fulfills all the other promo conditions).

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